Me shume rreth nesh

Rafting in Osumi Canyons / Skrapar

Travelers wishing to embark on the Osumi Canyon trip should arrive in the morning in Berat. The drive to the Canyon is 60 km and takes about an hour and a half. After arriving at the Canyon, the guides will assist you in preparation for the adventure. This trip will provide magnificent scenery as you float by the Canyon walls and will certainly make for a memorable experience. Eight waterfalls, a cathedral, the unspoiled nature, and the soothing sounds of running water combine to create a truly unique trip. A packaged lunch is prepared in advance and will be served under the blue waterfall. The river trip lasts about 2.5—4 hours, and depends largely on the water level. Difficulty level grade III. Period February – June

Tour packages:
- Rafting = 40 €/pers
- Rafting + Transport Berat-Canyon-Berat = 50 €/pers
- Rafting + Hotel Accomodation + Traditional dinner + Transport Berat-Canyon-Berat + Breakfast = 80 €/pers


Rafters wishing to embark on the Vjosa’s River trip should arrive in the morning at Permet City. After arriving at the river edge the guides will assist you in the preparation for the adventure. This trip will provide a great adrenaline as you float by the crystal river and will certainly make it an unforgettable experience. The river trip lasts about 2—4 hours, and depends largely on the water level. After or during the trip the group will enjoy a packaged lunch, really delicious. Difficulty level grade III. Period March – November

Tour Packages:
- Rafting + Transport Permet-Vjosa River-Permet = 45 €/pers
- Rafting + Hotel Accomodation + Ttraditional Dinner + Transporti Permet-lumi Vjosa-Permet + breakfast = 75 €/pers

Canyon Exploration (on foot) Skrapar/Permet

The present expedition is offered by ARG, during July, August and September. The canyon exploration lasts 3 to 5 hours, depending on the pace and on the experiencing of the group, and there is described 4 km of the most beautiful part of Osumi’s Canyon, Skrapar or Lengarica Canyon, Permet.
The canyon has a unique ecosystem that you should not lose without exploring at least once. During this group, accompanied of professional guides of ARG, you experience different adventures such as water hiking along the river bed between the slopes of the canyon; swimming in the natural pools of Osumi River; climbing on some of the canyon trails.
During the expedition it is enjoyed a packed lunch, offered from Albania Rafting Group.
Period July – September

- Canyon Exploration = 25 €/pers
- Canyon Exploration + Transport Berat/Permet- Canyon-Berat/Permet = 35 €/pers
- Canyon Exploration + Hotel Accommodation + Traditional Dinner + Transport + breakfast = 65 €/pers

During the canyon exploration, all visitors are equipped with all the necessary safety gear, like life-jackets, helmets etc.

Rafting for everyone

Have you ever thought to try the unique experience of rafting even if you are a beginner and you feel a bit unsafe? Here's what will happen if you will trust us in this setup the upcoming RAFTING FOR EVERYONE, itinerary Buzuq - Bogovë, Berat. Team meets in Berat and joins the group to leave, with our vehicles to Buzuq. Before starting the adventure the group will be guided by a "lecture" to all the techniques and tricks needed to be used in rafting. All are actively involved in rafting sport using the power of dig and shovel, following and implementing the correct instruction and commands of the Professional Guide. Difficulty level II.
ARG is sensitive to the needs of all families: a unique experience that cares for your wallet as well. This offer can reconcile these two needs.
Take advantage of this offer and gift to your children an experience that will remember all their life.
Difficulty level grade II. Period April – November
Minimum age is 5 years old accompanied by a parent, up to 99 years.

Tour Packages:
- Rafting = 30 €/pers
- Rafting + Transport Berat-Buzuq-Berat = 35 €/pers
- Rafting + Hotel Accommodation + Traditional Dinner + Transport Berat-Buzuq-Berat + Breakfast =65 €/pers

Hydrospeed Albania

Be surrounded by nature and challenge yourself with our new hydrospeed equipment! Emerge into the river and understand the extraordinary power of water. Going through the rapids like full of adrenaline you will be surrounded by spectacular views of the valley and tall mountain ranges. Hydrospeed is a recent recreational sport exercised exclusively in white waters. Experiencing the wilderness of River Vjosa through hydrospeed is designed to be one of the most amazing outdoor adventures offered for the first time in Albania by Albania Rafting Group. Hydrospeed is a low difficulty activity and does not require much strength. You just need to follow the flow of the river and the instructions of the professional guide, who will teach you basic maneuvers to safely go downriver... the rest depends entirely on you! It is recommended for people who have a good relationship with water and is well suited even for the most hesitant, with the supervision of of the Albanian Rafting Federation professional guides. Below the details of the activity and what you need to fully enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Rivers: Vjosa, Përmet (Best season to experience June-October)
Osum, Berat (Best season to experience March – June)
Length: About 5 km
Duration: About 2 hrs
Level: Normal (Suitable for everyone who has good health conditions and knows how to swim)
Age: Over 15 yrs old. The persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
Weight: Up to 100 kg
Maximum group size: Up to 9 persons
Frequency in 1 day: Up to 4 groups

During Hydrospeed you must be wearing:
1. Bath suit
2. Used sneakers/ Neoprene shoes

You should have with you:
1. Towel
2. Warm clothes to be changed after the adventure
3. Sandals/sneaker to change after Hydrospeed

Albania Rafting Group will provide to each participant:
1. Hydrospeed Board
2. Fins
3. Neoprene suits of 5mm (pants & bolero)
4. Helmet
5. Life jacket
6. Professional guide

I. 30 Eur/person including the transport from the city to the river, hydrospeed and barbecue lunch
II. 55 Eur/person including the transport from the city to the river, hydrospeed, barbecue lunch, accommodation, traditional dinner

*The above packages feature limited promotional prices and aim at strengthening team spirit and increase outdoor activities!

Albania Rafting Group organizes rafting trips in Albania through sustainable tourism principles and activities to protect biodiversity and nature.

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