If you want to visit one of Albania's most magnificent mountains and experience the blessings and harmony from the sanctuary of the gods, possessing a view of the horizon, join our riding trip on mules  towards the holy mountain of Tomorr. During ancient and medieva times, as well as in Romantic literature it was envisioned as the Olympics mountain of Albanians, and the fairy house in the mountains, as the divine oracle of the nation.
Day I
• Arrival in Berat & accommodation in hotel
• Visit to an old house in Mangalem to learn about the ancient tradition of stone carving and to enjoy the house marmalade
• Festive Dinner
Day II • Breakfast
• Departure to the village of Tomor with SUV
• Meeting with the mule herders
• Walking towards the castle of Tomori on mules
• Picnic with homemade products in the fabulous mountain valleys
• Return to Berat & end of the program
You should have worn & taken with you
• Very warm light wear
• Shoes / sneakers for walking, strong and non-slippery
• hood, gloves, scarf
• Sunlight protection cream
• A smile
! All your clothes and personal belongings are in a bag which can be easily transported on mules.
I. 50 Eur/person including the transport from the city to the mountain, hiking, visit to a local family and picnic lunch with natural products
II. 90 Eur/person including the transport from the city to the mountain, mule ride, visit to a local family & hiking and picnic lunch with natural products, accommodation, traditional dinner.