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Frequently Asked Questions About Rafting

The rafting sport rafting in Albania doesn’t have high risk. It ranges from first grade to fourth depending on the river and depending on theseason. You should contact a professional guide licensed from the Albanian Rafting Federation and you should have all necessary equipment during it’s exercise.
You need to have with you a bathing suit, an extra pair of old sneakers/closed sandals/aqua shoes, a towel. Albania Rafting Group provides all the equipment (rafts boat, paddle, wet-suits, life jackets, helmet) for a safe trip.
The rafting tours are designed for tourists with no rafting experience. Certified rafting instructors will guide you through the tour making sure the trip is safe and fun at the same time.
Depending on the weather, rafting starts from March until November and is exercised in different rivers of the country (Vjosa River and Osumi canyons).
Of course you can still do rafting in the beginner levels. However you cannot go rafting if you have some kind of water phobia.

I want to meet you in person. Where can I find you?

Albania Rafting Group has her administrative office in Tirana, Rr. Abdyl, n.31, Business Center "Hekla" and its training center in Berat, Hotel Castle Park, 1 km from the Bridge of Gorica.

If i want to be a part of your tours, how many days in advance do i have to book?

It is preferable that you book at least 15 days before, however you can contact us at any moment and we will inform you if there are available options for your required dates.

How many people are required to book a rafting tour?

We would prefer groups of 6 or more, however you can can contact us and we will let you know if you can join another group if possible.

Can children join us in rafting tours?

Yes, children over 5 years old are welcome in rafting tours for beginners.

Can I go rafting when it's raining?

Yes you can go rafting during most rainy days, unless there is a storm when it can be a safety hazard. Rafting in the rain is fun, and you will get wet anyways even if it's a sunny day.

Instructions regarding Rafting

Below is a list of instructions and things you need to know before you go on a rafting trip.

Each visitor should wear:

- A bathing suit
- Extra pair of sneakers, sandals or aqua shoes
- Sport clothes (t-shirt, track-suit)

You should have with you:

- a Towel
- Warm clothes to change at the end of the trip
- Sneakers, sandals to change at the end of the trip

Albania Rafting Group provides for every tourist the following equipment:

- Neoprene wetsuit (keeps a constant body temperature)
- Cags
- Life jacket
- Helmets

Difficulty level in Osumi Canyon

February - April: Class 3
April - June : Class 2
July - September: Suitable for river hiking only
October - February - Sightseeing from above

Difficulty level in Vjosa River

March - May: Class 3 with some Class 4 Rapids
May - November: Class 3
General Information

Rafting Sport

Rafting: A team building activity

For companies, schools, universities and for all those who want to have fun actively. Our program differs from classical programs of work in the group. Our aim is not to analyze the relationships in your company or your group, but to improve them. Precisely we create pleasant atmosphere within the group, the possibility of spending the time really together with much laughter and good humor.

- Why is a rafting activity effective for teamwork?

Consider all the elements that are involved in any rafting trip: an environment that is more colorful, exciting, and away from the normal place of work, it is an adventurous and entertaining activity! Small teams of white water rafts, the success of which is based on the fundamental principles of cooperation, teamwork and dependence on each other under the guidance of a professional guide! Rafting adventure combines elements that are necessary for the construction of a team.

General Information

Sustainable Tourism

Albania Rafting Group invests daily in sustainable tourism development, the extension of the stay of tourists in Albania, increasing of number of visitors to the surrounding areas of rafting itineraries, promoting authentic values of areas and increasing awareness regarding respect for nature and protection environment and promoting local potential for eco-tourism.
Albania Rafting Group is the founder and organizer of activities "We love the river", "Berat Festival", "Rafting Day", "World Earth Day", "International Day of Protection of Rivers", "National Rafting Festival" and other seminars, conferences, training related to the development of sustainable tourism and rafting.
Albania Rafting Group is participating in national, regional and world fairs in the field of tourism.

Did you know: ARG is part of the National Geographic initiative that supports geotourism principles!
ARG is the winner of Risi Turistike Award, the national competition of the Ministry of Tourism, supported by the Embassy of Switzerland programme RisiAlbania on June 2015.

ARG is elected a success story from USAID/Albania for the sustainable development of Albanian Rafting Center!
ARG is founder of Albanian Rafting Federation, which has presented Albania in the streams of a new passion in the World Rafting Championship 2012!
ARG is the winner of Albanian Tourism Award/Ecology 2012!

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