Osumi Canyon Sightseeing & Walking Tour
Weather you are staying in Berat for two or more days the visit in Osumi Canyons Skrapar is A Must Do! Although each type of tour offered at Osumi Canyon, Monument of Nature, has its benefits, there is probably no better way to get up close and personal with the natural marvels of the park than on your own two feet. The hiking and walking tours allow you to touch, smell, listen to, and look at the awesomeness of nature as you walk along the canyon which are paved and easy to traverse.
Make the most of your day at the Osumi Canyon Skrapar on a guided day hike tour! Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the Osumi Canyon, enjoy the peace of mind that results from hiking with a local expert, let us take care of the gear and food, and hear amazing stories that have taken place in the Canyon.
During the walking tour we will stop at the sightseeing points called “Flamuri”( The Flag), Vrima e Nuses (The Bride’s Hole), Gjurma e Abaz Aliut (The Trace of Abas Ali) dhe Mullii i Babait (The Father’s Mill).

You should have worn & taken with you
• Very fresh light wear (warm clothes if it is a cold weather)
• Shoes / sneakers for walking, strong and non-slippery
• Hat
• Sunlight protection cream
• A smile
! All your clothes and personal belongings are in a bag which can be easily transported.

20 Eur/person including the walking tour and local lunch with natural products
30 Eur/person including the transport from Berat city to the Osumi Canyon and the road back to Berat with minibus, walking tour and local lunch with natural products