Osumi Canyons are 26 km long, and 450m above the sea level. It is believed that they have been formed 2-3 million years ago due to water erosion dipping in to the earth. Through all of their straits, a lot of underground passages and unexplored caves can be found.
It is generally believed that these canyons have substituted ancient passages over Corovoda’s river, given that through time the ceilings of these passages were destroyed and gave way to the various shapes of the nowadays canyons. Osumi Canyons are the largest in Albania, and, according to many prestigious geographical studies, among the largest in Europe. The canyons have a marvelous ecosystem that can preserve itself very well. We can mention Mediterranean bushes like heath, briar and different kinds of fish as permanent features of this ecosystem.
In the slopes of the canyons, erosive activit has created a rock chain, one of the rarest found in Albania.

In Osumi Canyons are 6 straits with the canyons width ranging from 1.5m wide in its riverbed up to 35m wide up in the slopes. Within the canyons you will find beautiful spots that have exotic names like "The Cathedral", "The Eye", and "Demon’s Gate". The erosion through years hasgiven to the canyons, the appearance of an edifice of a natural cult, which can give you a magicimpression since the first glance.

The view they offer when you see the canyons from above is really breathtaking but the experience when you’re actually having a walk or rafting is even better.