Although a small country, Albania is home to a large number of impressive rivers. The network of inland Albanian waters consists of eleven major rivers and their 150 tributaries. Measuring 285 km, the Black Drini River is the longest and it flows from Lake Ohrid to the Adriatic Sea. The Buna River played over several centuries a crucial role for the economic development of Albania’s north and the port of Shkodra at Lake Shkodra. Other large rivers include the Shkumbini, Vjosa, Osumi and Devolli. Some valleys, canyons and waterfalls created by these ancient flows offer tremendous natural beauties. Among these are the Valbona and Shala Valleys in the Albanian Alps with the Grunas Waterfall in Thethi, the Tomorica Valley and Osumi Canyons near the City-Museum of Berat, and the Këlcyra Outfall on the Vjosa River near Permet in the southern Albania. Albania Rafting Group organizes rafting trips in

Albania through sustainable tourism principles and activities to protect biodiversity and nature. Difficulty levels of the rafting tracks are classified Wild Water II and III (running water with small waves) and are feasible by people with normal physical conditions and some sense of adventure. Come to experience our rafting trips and find marvelous places in Albania you could not discover otherwise!